Commercial Jetting

Drains in your commercial building or restaurants are used every day and some causes all night. At some point of time yours will experience a clogged drain or a backup. When this happens, you can count on The Rooter Doctor. We are open 24 hours, 7 days per week. We never charge more for nights or weekends. When debris build up in your drain pipes, it can make it difficult for water to drain out or a kitchen area to flood. If you’re experiencing regular clogs, you may benefit from our Hydro-Jetting service. Our master plumbers have a great deal of experience cleaning drains fast and get them working like new in no time. The Rooter Doctor offers a great maintenance program; you’ll find that you won’t have to deal with nasty backups that slow down your workday. This is a great way to ensure that the clients you serve or the tenants in your buildings are headache free.

Our Plumber Take Pride in their Work

The Rooter Doctor is the superior plumbers and drain cleaners you can count on for all your sewer repairs or replacements. It is something we are proud of. We know that you depend on your drain system to work without fail. That’s why The Rooter Doctor provides the highest quality of service day and night. Call us to learn more about our preventative plumbing method.

How Hydro-Jetting works

Sometimes clogs are deep in the plumbing system. This makes it difficult for the simple household plumber to do the trick. The hydro-Jetter is very useful to remove roots, mud, toys, yes toys! Over the last 60 years our plumbers have seen it all.

The hydro-Jetter uses pressurized water to break apart debris and loosen clogs. That the traditional drain cleaning methods can’t do! Most plumbers use a device called a drain snake that was a cable with a blade at the end. Hydro-jetting does not damage your pipes and can clean up to 90% of clogs.  Check the Emergency Service page for more information if you have an emergency situation.

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