Septic Pumping Services

septic pumping
How much does it cost to pump a septic tank?

Usually a septic tank pumping is going to be from $200-$400 dollars, our largest truck has a volume of 5,500 gallons.

The price is based on: 

  • Tank size
  • Access of the location
  • The accessibility of the tank
  • If it is ready to be pumped
  • If there is any additional labor needed to reveal the lid prior to pumping

How do you locate the septic tank?

In certain cases you may go to your city or county to request site plans of the home that may outline the location of septic tank.  If there are no plans available you might ask a neighbor or previous owner.  If you are not able to find the septic tank, do not worry we have the proper equipment needed to locate the septic tank.  Using a camera we are able to see in your pipes for the location of your septic tank.  Using a locator we have that is very alike to a metal detector we will be able to locate the camera and Find the depth.

The lids must be dug out when the septic tank is located.  Septic tanks are usually  2-5 ft underground and they have two lids on an average of 2” in diameter.  If you happen to know the exact location of the tank we will dig and reveal the lid for free if it is less than 6”.

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